R23: Communicating visually [Thing 4]

Three things to try: Photofunia, Quik, and Ripl. The one I was most keen to poke (as I have seen it advertised and had been meaning to have a look anyway) was Ripl.

Ripl isn’t available on iPad. Which is a shame, as, for safeguarding reasons, I do most of my picture taking for work on the work iPad. Ripl will have to wait for my own accounts.


I hate the name. Although it is pretty fun, with photos, so I guess I will forgive the name.

Positive – Seems like it would be useful for something quick and effective. I can see me using it for work social media stuff.

Negative – It would be more useful if I could get more than a couple of words onto some of the images.


I love it. It does all the hard work, and I get the credit, what’s not to like?!

Oh, wait. Network error. Ugh!

Probably the fault of my work wi-fi than anything else, but my “amazing” video was temporarily trapped inside the quick app. Eventually persuaded it that if it didn’t want to share, then it could at least download onto my device.

I will definitely be using this again! I think it will be really useful for making a short induction video. I made a short review of a recent event to try it out which can be seen here.


I think with advance planning rather than retrospective use, it will be a really valuable tool.






R23 : Image banks [Thing 3]

My go-to for pictures I haven’t made myself is Pixabay. Pictures on allsorts of topics, and nice ones too. Finding pictures used to be an uphill struggle, most of the ones I could find for free weren’t all that great.

I find Flickr a bit hit and miss. I decided to give it another look, and made another account (just easier). It’s good to be reminded this exists as a resource, but I much prefer the more professional looking offering of Pixabay and not having to log in makes things easier on a shared computer.

internet-315132_1280 (1)